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As you've probably gathered, my name is Sharon Stone, and I'm an artist based in the UK, Southend-on-sea. Art is my hobby and my absolute passion, and I create bespoke, commission pieces in all different mediums and painting categories. My mission is to create beautiful, personal pieces of artwork for people all around the globe.

Sharon Stone's Portraits

I specialise in portrait paintings - recently delving into painting black and white Hollywood icons. This has been my most requested bespoke painting category as portraits are the perfect, personal gift for a loved one. I get dozens of portrait requests for partners, children - even pet portraits! I think in an age of mass-printed posters and more, personal commission portraits are the one painting medium that you just can't replicate in a print that you can find inside a big retail store. It's personal, and holds that emotional weight - and care - that others will certainly appreciate over generic prints. 



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Where To Catch Me

I exhibit often in and around the Southend area, and am always getting involved in the Southend art scene. From art trails, to exhibitions you'll find me. I also dabble in a bit of crafting - bespoke boxes and other little crafts - and you may even bump into me at a craft fair. You can find updates on where to find me, or recent exhibitions at my blog section. This is where I'll put all of my recent news etc!

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