Animal & Pet Commissions

Here is a collection of my animal and pet paintings I've done for myself and as commission. I've thrown in a mixture of bespoke pieces and personal ones. Many have been sold already, but take your chances, and if you like one, don't be afraid to send me an email through the form below. I put a lot of passion and hard-work into these pieces and i hope you enjoy!

If you want your pet immortalised in a beautiful pet commission piece, then as mentioned already, get in touch today! I would love to paint some more animal and pet commissions.

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What makes a good animal portrait?

A good animal portrait, shouldn't just be a simple translation from picture to painting, but should express the personality of the animal. All animal lovers know that many animals - probably more than humans - have larger than life personalities that glow in a world that without them, would seem a little duller. For the quieter animals, still, to capture their shy antics, is a must. Bringing your pets to life in a bespoke painting, is something i'd love to do for as many clients as i can! 

Bespoke, commissioned pet paintings

Like I just mentioned, i take commissions for pet paintings, entirely bespoke, from start to finish. Throughout the entire service, i'll keep you up to date, get your advice if necessary, and try and keep you part of the process. A portrait of your pet is personal, so get an artist who'll make a painting with that entirely in mind!