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Looking for a talented, friendly portrait artist to commission? Christmas looming fast, with no gift ideas - or has a birthday sprung up suddenly in your mind, and you need a well thought-out, bespoke gift for your loved one? Sharon Stone is the artist for you then, with affordable prices, and a guarantee on quality, attention to detail, and authentic style. Sharon Stone has a plethora of work to showcase on the website - so have a look and get in touch!

quality portrait commission of two family members

Sharon Stone Art

Trust is a big factor between you and the painter. You want to know that the piece you've paid for will turn out beautifully; you want to know the style the artist paints in, and how they do their craft. After all, commissioning a personal portrait piece, requires special attention and to get that personal touch in the painting too, the artist must build a relationship with their clients too. Sharon Stone does just that - so get in touch, have a chat, and get the portrait painting you or your loved ones deserved.

How Are They Painted?

Sharon stone uses oils and acrylic to create the portraits you see around this website. Many of her more abstract portraits are used with a blend of mixed-media mediums, mixing paper techniques with all types of different creative processes to create the desired effect. If you want something out of the ordinary, Sharon Stone can do just that. If you want a portrait commission to be a little more tame, no problem either.


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Extra Information

A lot of people ask me how long a painting takes, and it really varies. So, what I suggest more commonly, is to just give me more time - ensuring that there are considerable weeks or a month or two between your request and the desired time you wish the painting to be done by. I put a lot of time and work into my portrait commissions, and cannot rush to do it in only a small amount of weeks. Also, I can do other styles if desired, but remember, my style is just how I paint, and requesting another famous artists style would not be 100% accurate, just how my style would not be exactly like a photograph. Unique instead. I hope that answers my more commonly asked questions regarding my portrait commissions!