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Here is a series of portrait paintings I have created over the course of many years. I hope you enjoy what you see, as I have put a lot of effort into these personal, commission portrait paintings, and I really hope you enjoy! Any questions, just send me a form.

If you would like a portrait commission for yourself, or as a gift, get in touch, see my prices, and help yourself to a beautiful portrait commission painting today.

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What makes a good portrait painting?

A good portrait painting is summed up by a number of different variables. Many think of stunning portraits as simply a matter of skill with the brush; although that is somewhat true, there is way more that goes into a beautiful portrait painting. Some of these other examples would include positioning, lighting in the piece, the colours used, and so on, and on.

Quality-assured portraits

In my little studio, at the back of my little garden, where i do all my work, i love taking my time getting your envisioned ideas into a painting. With a blend of my expertise, and your ideas, me and the client come to an understanding which produces the best piece for your needs and for the quality of the portrait painting. Some things work, and others do not: either way, i will always have your best interest at heart and see what i can do to ensure both quality, and the integrity of your portrait idea!